Mitja Quartet

"These jewels of the most refined Italian compositional art enjoy a performance of truly rare excellence. Precision of detail and elasticity of the ductus go hand in hand with a synchrony worthy of the most refined of the dance bodies: the effect is stunning for eloquence, imagination​, wealth of ideas, energy. Above all, the four magnificent performers make you believe for a moment that you are listening to the most beautiful music in the world. Perhaps it’s an illusion, but isn’t this possibly the most secret magic of the artist?” Bernardo Pieri, Musica Magazine Critic .

G. Donizetti String Quartet n. 11 in C major

IV. Allegro

C.Debussy, Quartetto per archi

II. Assez vif et bien rythmé

Maurice Ravel String Quartet F Major

II Assez vif - très rythmé

Maurice Ravel String Quartet F Major

I Allegro moderato - très doux

Claude Debussy String Quartet G Minor

III Andantino - (Doucement expressif)